2017 Silent Auction Request

One of the features of the AIS Conventions is the Silent Auction.  Nick Stewart and Debbie Strauss are already planning for this year’s event.  The Fall 2016 Irises Bulletin has their request for donations on page 16.  You can see the request silent auction 2017 (PDF) online as well.  Please consider donating items and hybridizers please consider donating irises to this super AIS fundraiser.

Debbie Strauss adds this note: Hey all you local societies, have you started collecting items from your area to give to your RVP for your Region’s Raisin’ Region basket for the Iowa AIS National Convention? The silent auction really needs and appreciates your participation and so do our shoppers. Contact your RVP about where to send your donations! Thank you.

You can reach Debbie at debbie@loveirises.com with questions or to let her know about your planned donations.


Request for Guest Bearded Irises – 2017 AIS Convention

Request for Guest Bearded Irises

2017 AIS Convention

Des Moines, Iowa

Region 21 will host The American Iris Society National Convention May 23-27, 2017 (please note date change from earlier notices). Convention attendees will tour at six Des Moines area gardens, including two public gardens. Hybridizers of bearded varieties are invited to send rhizomes of recent introductions and seedlings under consideration for introduction. Please observe the following guidelines when sending guest irises as only officially submitted guest irises will appear in the convention booklet.

Up to four rhizomes of each variety will be accepted from July 27 through August 17, 2015.

Please submit plants to Pam and Wayne Messer, guest iris chairs.

Shipping address:
Pam and Wayne Messer/AIS 2017
1007 Timberlane Drive
Huxley, IA 50124

Mailing address:
Pam and Wayne Messer/AIS 2017
P.O. Box 64
Huxley, IA 50124

The name of the variety or seedling number should be clearly marked on each rhizome. In addition, the following information should accompany each variety on a separate packing list:

  • Hybridizer’s name and address

  • Name or seedling number of the variety

  • Type of iris (Tall Bearded, Border Bearded, etc.)

  • Height, color, distinguishing features

  • Year of introduction (if applicable)

The packing list should include the contributors email address to receive an electronic receipt. Contributors who do not provide an email will receive a confirmation via mail.

If a guest seedling is later named, it will be the responsibility of the hybridizer to notify the Guest Iris Chair of change. Updates should include name and corresponding seedling number. Please send updates or direct inquiries about guest irises to Pam and Wayne Messer (wrmesser@gmail.com).

Shortly before the convention, contributors will be asked for instructions regarding disposition of the plants. Failure to reply by April 1, 2017 will be interpreted as permission to destroy all seedlings, and distribute named varieties, one to each host garden and the rest as determined by the Convention Committee. No rhizomes will be offered for sale on the internet or other means which compete with sales by the contributors. Guest irises returned will be sent freight paid, except for foreign addresses.

The Convention Committee and the owners of the host gardens will strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics as printed in the AIS Convention Handbook. The Convention Committee and host gardens will not be responsible for losses beyond their control.