Convention Photos Video

Thanks to Ken Fuchs for putting together a video slideshow of his and Jim’s AIS 2017 Convention photos.  You can see it here.  Also it can be downloaded by right-clicking here and choosing Save As or similar.  Note that it is over 600 MB so downloading will require some time.

Ken has done this for many recent AIS Conventions.  You can find links to the 2007 – 2012 Conventions videos on YouTube from this page on the Greater Kansas City Iris Society websiteThank you Ken for all these great videos!



Gardens Tours Videos

The Convention gardens tours provide great opportunities for photos.  Or videos.  Or combinations.  Jan Blaedel did a combination by combining some of her photos from the gardens into short videos.  Thank you Jan for sharing these.  Each video is about 2 minutes.

Do you have photos or videos from the Convention to share?  We would be glad to include them on the website.   You are welcome to use the comments or send to to let us know.