Convention Blooms

The 2017 guest iris are getting ready.  Many TBs and MTBs with some IBs and BBs and even an AB.  This view is Monday afternoon at one of the Messer Garden beds, one of five beds there.  Click on the photo to see a larger version.


Host Garden – Messer’s Garden


The Messer Garden is in an urban setting in small town Iowa. Wayne and Pam live in Huxley, in Story County, just south of Ames. The five guest bearded iris beds begin along the driveway, drift along the south edge of the yard, wrap around the house and create a border for the cherry orchard (in progress). In addition to 242 bearded guests, you will find over 100 additional bearded irises and a sprinkling of Siberians.

Host Gardens – Iowa Arboretum

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The Iowa Arboretum is 415 acres of trails, prairie, woodlands, and, most importantly for the Convention, four separate gardens hosting over 400 guest bearded irises.  The Arboretum showcases hundreds of trees, shrubs, and flowering plants.  Of special iris interest is a collection of Siberian iris Morgan-Wood Medal winners (preceding link is to the Iris Encyclopedia Morgan-Wood Medal page with history and photos).  There are also both bearded and beardless irises in other plantings on the grounds.