Region 21 of the American Iris Society is hosting the 2017 AIS Convention in Des Moines, Iowa. We hope you will follow us on this website (blog) to learn about how we get to 2017 and then come to the Convention!  Mark your calendars for May 22-26, 23-27 2017. One of our experiments for the Convention is this type of website.  By showing what is happening as we prepare, hopefully it will help you think about hosting a future Convention as well.  It may give you some ideas what to expect, what you might do, and possibly what not to do.  Let us know what would be helpful for you to find here.  You can leave comments on any posting or use our email addresses.  You are welcome to contact wrmesser@gmail.com for website or other questions as well. The AIS Conventions page lists our Co-Chairs contact information.

AIS 2017 Convention May 23-27 Des Moines, Iowa 2017 Convention Chair: Kelly Norris 1101 25th St. Apt. 9, Des Moines, IA 50311 phone: (515) 323-6299 | e-mail: kellydn@frontiernet.net

2017 Convention Co-Chair: Gary White 701 Old Cheney Road, Lincoln, NE 68512 phone: (402) 421-6394 | e-mail: in2iris@yahoo.com


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  2. Hello – Thanks for the website!

    I have a question on the Schedule (version 121916). I am trying to figure out what is going on on Saturday. It looks like the morning is Educational Symposium 9-12 with a break from 10-10:30, but in the afternoon I am seeing Live Auction 1:30-4:30 but with a break from 2-4. Does that mean the auction is only 1:30-2 and 4-4:30? That seemed a little strange. And then there is 6-7 “No Host Reception” So are you just letting us know that there is nothing in that time slot, or are you saying there is a reception going on from 6-7 but no hosts will be there, or what does that mean? It just seemed a little strange to have a specific starting and ending time for something that will not be happening, so I wanted to make sure I was not misunderstanding.

    Thanks for any clarification,

    • Hi Jaime,

      Good questions. I can answer a couple of them. No Host Reception does mean it is a reception, just no hosts. The auction is from 1:30 to 4:30. Not sure what that break from 2 to 4 does mean. It does seem strange. I’ll have to check. Usually they do just show the break between sessions, such as the one you pointed to in the morning.

      Hope to see you here.


      Wayne Messer

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