Host Gardens – Brad Collins

collinsrows1 collinsrows2

Brad Collins is someone you may have heard of.  He was the subject of a World of Irises post “Aruba’s Eye-Popping Clump Shots” featuring his photography of great clump shots in his previous garden.  Now he has a much larger garden in rural Des Moines where you will see over 500 bearded guest irises.  In addition there will be thousands of seedlings from his hybridizing.

collins1 collins2 collins3

Now is a good time for you to see thousands (almost 4000!) of his iris photos here.  Warning:  There are 200 pages of addictive iris photos!

Update: Here are two more threads from him where you can see some of his seedlings and other photos.  This one had 57 pages when I checked and his newest one had 4 pages.





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